Steve Hoover

Steve Hoover is interested. Curious, even. And once he becomes curious he doesn't let go: he's got the creative jaw strength of a shark and a bear combined. This relentless, perhaps even obsessive curiosity has driven him across the world, to India in an AIDS crisis, to Ukraine during the civil war, and gained him some of film's highest honors. 

His first feature, "Blood Brother", premiered at Sundance in 2013 and went on to win the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for best US feature-length documentary. His second, "Almost Holy", was executive produced by Terrence Malick and scored by Atticus Ross, and premiered at Tribeca in 2015, garnering numerous awards around the world before going on to a worldwide theatrical run. Steve's commercial clients include Gap, Walmart, Chipotle and National Geographic. 

He's a natural filmmaker, with a strong instinct, a deep empathy, and an eye for the pretty stuff: he moonlights as a digital painter, creating otherworldly landscapes. On a personal note, he loves coffee, his son, Linc (not necessarily in that order) and is involved in a one-sided love affair with a game called Battle of Titans.