Lloyd lee choi

Born and raised in the quiet suburbs of Ontario, Canada, Lloyd found a magical escape with cinema early on. Growing up, he was a fixture at the $2 Tuesdays at his local movie theatre and eventually, began to secretly create films of his own; directing, acting, shooting, and editing to spare embarrassment throughout his humble beginnings.

As he honed his craft, he discovered storytelling through creative collaboration as the soul of filmmaking, and found directing to be his passion. With a number of awards including his latest Silver Cannes Lions for his Cornetto campaign, "40 Love" featuring Lily Allen, and a couple viral hits under his directing belt, Lloyd recently released his first original scripted 30 minute short film, "Before Mars" for National Geographic streaming on Hulu, iTunes and Amazon.

He is driven to continue telling compelling stories with a cinematic eye and a human touch. And he aspires to learn jiu jitsu one day to defend himself against giant dogs that love to jump on him.