Jonathan Bregel

Jonathan Bregel is a multidisciplinary director, life enthusiast, and creative problem-solver who was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. 

Jonathan’s relentless curiosity and zest for life have made it nearly impossible for him to set industry goals. Right now, all he seems to know for certain is that working with many of his most trusted friends seems to make a lot of sense, so that is what he has been doing at Variable for the past few years. 

Much of Jonathan’s ambition to create purposeful & emotionally-charged content is rooted in his belief that images speak to the soul of the viewer. Because of this, Jonathan tends to have a very ‘hands on’ approach towards much of his work which has lead him to both direct & shoot visually-distinctive branded content and commercial work for clients such-as; Nike, Tiffany & Co., Samsung, Honey Maid, National Geographic, Cadillac, and many others.